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*Status: Active, Weekly*

The inclusive podcast industry show for the day-to-day podcast enthusiast.

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*Status: Active, Weekly*
Spark of Rebellion is the weekly, U.K. Star Wars show by Garry Aylott & Mark Asquith featuring industry news and commentary along with Star Wars reviews & discussion plus, the "random spotlight", showcasing obscurities from a galaxy far, far away.
This is a listener-supported show so grab some Spark of Rebellion swag & support the show from $1.

It's How Old?!

*Status: Active, Seasonal*

Revisiting and nostalgically enjoying some of pop culture's finest creations as we marvel: "It's How Old?!".

Movies, TV shows, music, books, comics, video games, and more - each season focuses on five pop culture phenomenons from your past that reach notable milestones this year.

Golf Lovers United
*Status: Active, Weekly*
From the professional sphere of the PGA Tour to the evolution of LIV, from the triumphs of women's golf to the heart and soul of the amateur game, we love and cover it all.
Our hosts engage in thoughtful conversations with tour players, coaches, caddies, and insiders, providing unique insights and perspectives.

The Excellence Expected Interview Series

150 interviews with the world's brightest business minds including Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan and more. Broken down into four volumes of content, the unique Define, Challenge & Conquer format is not your standard entrepreneur interview, instead, it challenges the guest to define an issue that we all face in business and to provide three clear, actionable and concise takeaways that you can implement immediately..

Becoming a Better Leader

Build a Better Startup

Personal Development

Learn Marketing

The 7 Minute Mentor

*Status: Inactive, Evergreen*
Build your business in just 7 minutes per episode! Over 600 short-form podcast episodes delivering insightful, actionable advice and education to startup entrepreneurs and founders. From marketing to hiring; branding to podcasting - The 7 Minute Mentor is widely regarded as a tour de force in quick-hit small-business education.

The Podcast Accelerator

*Status: Inactive. Evergreen*

Helping busy podcasters to grow their audience in tested, actionable ways.

The show is now closed after 323 episodes. But, each episode is evergreen and you can learn from it at any time!

The Straight Talking Guide to Launching Your First Product

This comprehensive 6 episode audio course that features some of the world's brightest business minds including Chris Ducker, Adam Farah, Ayelett Noff, Phil Pallen, Kyle Wilkinson, Ash Maurya and more, teaching you from start to finish how to take your idea to a minimum viable product.
The audio course comes complete with resources available to download and two bonus episodes to help you to assess your launch and to begin the growth phase of your new product.
Originally part of Mark's Excellence Expected series