Surprising Business Lessons That We Can All Learn From DC Superheroes

August 27, 2020

Mark Asquith - That British Podcast Guy

About Mark

That British podcast guy, Mark is CEO & co-founder of Rebel Base Media, a podcast tech and strategy company that owns, Poductivity, Podcast Websites, Podcast Success Academy & Rebel Base Studios. He's a wildly approachable Brit and Star Wars/DC Comics geek.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Rebel Base was founded by a devout Star Wars geek. But there’s also inspiration drawn from the DC universe. And after the virtual con “DC Fandome” was such a resounding success this past weekend with 22 million viewers around the world, perhaps it’s time to look at some ways the world’s oldest and most inspirational superheroes continue to inspire us in the world of business. When you’re an entrepreneur, you soon realise that everything is a potential resource. Even the comics in your longboxes. Here we’ll take a look at some surprising business lessons you can learn from some of the most enduring icons in comics…

Become a master of branding… like Batman

When he’s not cruising the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile, Bruce Wayne himself is a businessman trying to do the best he can with the company he inherited from his father. Yet while the Wayne Enterprises logo can be seen all around Gotham City, some of Bruce’s best branding efforts are in his extra-curricular activities. Think about it! He fights crime with the aid of his batmobile, batarangs, batrope and all kinds of other bat-gadgetry. Most of his equipment is neatly emblazoned with his logo. Now there’s a guy who understands the importance of consistency in branding. Make your branding ubiquitous and customers are more likely to remember you at the expense of your competitors. 

Don’t be afraid to rebrand when you need to… like Wonder Woman

While consistent branding is important, it’s a mistake to assume that you can’t reinvent your branding from the ground up. Just like Wonder Woman. While we may all be familiar with the traditional red, blue and gold costume worn by the Amazon princess, she’s sported a number of different looks over the years and reinvented herself more times than Madonna. In fact, did you know there was a period in the ‘70s where she gave up all her powers and became a kung-fu superspy… I know, the most ‘70s thing ever! And while this era was not fondly remembered, it’s an example of how Diana has rebranded to engage her audience. Something that no entrepreneur can afford to overlook.

Be like Superman and do everything by the book

Superman is the world’s first and arguably greatest Superhero. And his position in the DC Universe is as iconic as in our own. As such, the Man of Steel knows that he has to be unimpeachable in the eyes of his peers and the general public. He knows that the world’s eyes are on him at all times. And when it comes to compliance, you have that in common with big blue. Even the slightest oversight can result in a compliance issue that could turn into a PR nightmare for your company. But unlike Supes, there are a wealth of tools out there to make compliance easy. For instance, check out this post on everything you need to know about IR35. It’s essential reading if you use or recruit contractors.

Be like Green Lantern. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz. They’re all members of the Green Lantern Corps. A cadre of intergalactic space cops who carry a ring that converts anything their imagination can conceive into emerald-hued reality. And that’s about as perfect a metaphor for entrepreneurship as it gets. You’ve willed your enterprise into existence out of thin air. Never ever stop imagining and creating. 

It’s what makes your business awesome!

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