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You Need to Be Purposeful with Your Podcast

If you haven't, go and listen to episode 240 before this one! What are your goals in podcasting? To podcast professionally? To build an audience? To relax with friends? Whatever your aim is, podcast planning and goal setting is key to your show's success.


Your Podcast Needs to Sound Good. Here's Why

You might have the best idea ever. You might be the best host ever. But if your podcast doesn't sound good, you'll struggle to win the attention and ears of listeners. Here's why you should care about your podcast audio quality, and 3 ways to increase your production value.

Podcast Q&A: The Best Way to Get 10,000 Listeners?

Podcast Movement member John Herzog asked, “What is the best way to get 10,000 listeners?” Here's my take on podcast growth, goals and ‘success'.

3 Tips for Recording A Podcast Remotely

Getting guests on your podcast is the number one way to attract new listeners and produce engaging content. Here is my best practical, straightforward advice for easy remote recording with podcast guests without sacrificing audio quality, time, or your sanity.

Podcast Q&A: How to Promote Your Podcast on LinkedIn

Thanks to Thomas Sjoberg for this question on how best to promote your podcast on LinkedIn! Should you start a separate page for your podcast? What about incorporating video content and LinkedIn stories? Here's my advice for beginning to navigate LinkedIn marketing as a podcaster.

You've Launched A Podcast! Now What?!

If you've recently launched a new podcast, congratulations! Releasing your show to the world is a huge, exciting milestone – now what?! What should you do next? What should you look out for? Here's exactly what I've learnt from 7 years of podcasting.

Podcast Q&A: Should You Trademark Your Podcast Name?

What's the deal with trademarks and intellectual property when it comes to your podcast? Erin, a podcaster in the ShePodcasts community, has asked just that. So, this week: should you trademark your podcast name, and is it really necessary?

Podcast Scripts: Is It Time To Use Them?

Whatever your podcast format or experience level, scripts are THE way to make sure your content is accurate, high quality and delivered like a pro. But how do you put one together, and is it really necessary to make them anyway?

Podcast Q&A: Can Google Penalise You For Duplicating Content?

Thanks to Vicki Weinberg who asked in our group, “If I create a blog post for my podcast episode, can I use that exact same text in the show notes, or not? It seems sensible to me, rather than create two separate pieces of content, although I'm sure I heard that Google can penalise you for duplicating content”. Let's find out!

Why You NEED An Email List For Your Podcast

Email marketing might not seem like the obvious choice for growing a podcast. But after word of mouth and social media, it's STILL one of the most effective strategies to grow your podcast and increase subscribers!

Podcast Q&A: Putting Together Your Podcast Media Pack

Going for podcast sponsorships? Podcaster Misti asks, “We were asked about a media package for working with collabs or promos on the podcast. We haven’t had any ads, promos, etc. yet and I don’t even know where to begin.” Here's my advice on creating your first podcast media/sponsor kit!

9 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Podcast

Grow Your Podcast Today!

I'm not a podcast guru. I just try things and I'm fortunate enough to work with thousands of podcasters at Rebel Base Media who also try things. These are the things that we have found work.

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