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Are You Producing Too Many Episodes?

Less is often more when it comes to pocast episodes and certainly, quality over quantity wins out every time – look at Dan Carlin, for example. Stop trying to keep up with your content hamster wheel and start thinking about actual podcast growth.


A Quick, Surefire Podcast Trailer Format That You Can Copy

Podcast trailers didn't really exist as they do now before late 2017 when Apple introduced the new “trailer” tag. Gone is the “Episode 000”, and here's a simple yet effective trailer format that you can copy right now.

Understanding The Listener Acquisition Flow

Understanding The Listener Acquisition Flow

The podcast landscape has changed and with it, more and more podcasts are appearing daily. No longer can we expect potential listeners to just dive into our show, rather we must consider how we nurture them with our audio. Here's my take on the Listener Acquisition Flow.

The One Skill That You Must Master as a Podcaster

Being a podcaster is easy. Being a good podcaster is fairly easy. Being a great podcaster well, that's not quite as easy and requires the same level of practice as mastering any art does. This is where I would recommend you start…

What is a Good Podcast Download Number?

Podcast download growth is the single biggest challenge facing podcasters but with so many podcasters at so many different levels, how the heck do you even know what a “good” number is?!

Are Your Social Profiles Costing You Podcast Listeners?

Social media is vital to any modern marketing plan, but so many podcasters get the basics wrong and in particular, they think of their social profiles in isolation from their wider brand and marketing. That ain't gravy.

The Key to Podcast Growth: Consistency in Testing

Podcasting is a long-term commitment and part of that is ensuring that you continue to give your audience what they want, but also that you make sure that you not only test your content, but also your marketing, listener engagement and every facet of your podcasting workflow.

Which Download Metrics Matter? A Primer on Podcast Analytics

Podcast download metrics can be confusing, addictive and honestly a little misleading at times. So, as a podcaster where should your attention be focussed when it comes to download statistics?

Maximising Your Podcast's Visibility With These Simple Tweaks

Podcasting is becoming busier and busier every day. More money is being spent on marketing the “big” shows and thanks to that, making sure your podcast is as visible as possible has never been more important.

New Apple Podcast Categories – What Do You Need to Do?

Apple has this week responded to the podcast community at large by vastly expanding the number of podcast categories available, in a move that is set to help podcasters and listeners to enjoy a better experience. Rolling out in September 2019, what do you as a podcaster need to do right now?

iTunes is Gone & Podcast Search Engine Changes! Every Podcast Announcement from Apple's WWDC 2019

So, iTunes is gone! That's right, in a move that has been speculated and guarded terribly for a long while now, Apple just announced the break-up of iTunes in favour of three new apps that includes Apple Podcasts for desktop! Also, they announced a far better podcast search experience, whoop!

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