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Are You Producing Too Many Episodes?

Less is often more when it comes to pocast episodes and certainly, quality over quantity wins out every time – look at Dan Carlin, for example. Stop trying to keep up with your content hamster wheel and start thinking about actual podcast growth.


Measuring the Success of Your Podcast Rebrand

Rebranding a podcast can feel like a mammoth task, but once you've gone through it, what key metrics should you be looking at outside of downloads? Well, what about softer, brand-led metrics and how you feel?!

Apple WWDC 2019: What Announcements Can Podcasters Expect?

Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is upon us on Monday 3rd June and there's a seemingly keen focus from Apple on podcasting this time around, so what can we expect to be announced and what will it mean for you as a podcaster?

A Rebranded Podcast Launch Strategy

If you're rebranding a podcast you've been through a launch before, right? Let me give you a quick relaunch strategy that you can use in order to gain that first bit of traction for your podcast's rebrand.

3 Tips for Choosing a Podcast Name

Choosing a podcast name sounds easy, but it's too important to rush and it's too easy to try to be cute with your name. There're some things you MUST consider during this process, let's look at them.

Single & Multi RSS Feed Opportunities

RSS feeds are boring, but right now they power podcasting. So, let's look today at two options for your podcast RSS feed when you've decided to rebrand your podcast, the choice then becomes centred around the experience you’d like to give to your listeners. Let’s take a look.

Keeping Subscribers When You Change RSS Feed

Ok this is a big one – when rebranding our podcast it's vital to do TWO things to keep your subscribers: 1 is about your RSS feed, 2. is about your communications! Let's explore these two vital pieces of the podcast rebrand puzzle, today.


We've talked about DIY podcast networks before and when it comes to a podcast brand, there's a decision that you need to make – is this the right time to start that first network?

Some Honest Podcast Cover Art Advice

Podcast cover art is easy, right? Hmmmm not quite! There are plenty of things to consider when putting your rebranded podcast cover art together, including brand continuity across potential networks and the “clickability” of your show based on how it LOOKS!

What are Podcast “Notables”?

What the heck is a podcast “notable”?! This is a term that I use to reference certain things that people recognise about your podcast instantly, e.g. for me, my theme music – for you it may be a segment or a tagline – when rebranding your show, it's important to understand when and what to...

They Come for the Content But Stay For You

So many podcasters forget that the reason so many listeners love their show is because of THEM, the host! When you're rebranding your podcast it's easy to go OTT with formats, but I want to remind you today that you're the reason that people tune in – remember that, ok? So, let's dig into segments...

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