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You Need to Be Purposeful with Your Podcast

If you haven't, go and listen to episode 240 before this one! What are your goals in podcasting? To podcast professionally? To build an audience? To relax with friends? Whatever your aim is, podcast planning and goal setting is key to your show's success.


Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

People start podcasts for all kinds of reasons, and one of those is to grow a brand and build community. So why should you start podcasting to grow your business, and where do you start?

We're Making Some Changes…

An important announcement about the future of The Podcast Accelerator! Don't worry, we're not going away – just trimming down our publishing to make a better podcast about podcasting! Here's what to expect…

Overcoming Podcast Imposter Syndrome

Whether you're starting a new podcast or running an established one, we all feel some degree of imposter syndrome. Heck, after over a thousand podcast episodes, I feel the same way too. Here are my tips and advice for overcoming imposter syndrome and finding that motivation to keep on recording!

Should Podcasting Pay Its Own Way?

Time, money, resource… podcasting is a serious investment. But why is it framed that way? People really do quit podcasting because of minimal returns. Today, I ask why podcasting is so different to any other hobby, why we expect so much from it, and what we as an industry can do about it.

How Do I Turn My Podcast Into A YouTube Video?

If you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel as a way to market your podcast, here is the formula here at Rebel Base Media, including how we record and how we upload to YouTube.

Why Succeeding At YouTube Can Help Grow Your Podcast

It sounds weird, doesn't it? But YouTube is a handy top-of-the-funnel tool for any podcaster, and when used correctly, can help build authority for your podcast brand and content.

Repurposing Your Podcast For YouTube: Mistakes to Avoid

YouTube is the second most used search engine! We repurpose every episode of The Podcast Accelerator into its own, dedicated video. We've learnt some things along the way about how to make turn them into something that generates views and subscribers, and here they are, you lucky podcaster you!

How NOT To Promote Your Podcast Episodes

Only promoting your episodes on release day is wasted energy! Here's why putting together a proper promotion schedule that fits into your wider podcast marketing strategy is the way to win your listeners' attention.

How To Use Guests To Market Your Podcast

How To Use Guests To Market Your Podcast

What better way to start generating word of mouth recommendations for your podcast than to get some guests onto your podcast?! Today I talk about how being strategic about your guest actions can be a HUGE marketing bonus for your podcast.

Black Hat Podcast SEO: What It Is and Why To Avoid It

Black Hat Podcast SEO: What It Is and Why To Avoid It

Black Hat SEO refers to dishonest tactics used by some to manipulate search results to their advantage. One problem is, it doesn't work, can tank your rankings and seriously damage your brand. Here are some podcast SEO tactics you may be tempted to use, but should avoid at all times!

9 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Podcast

Grow Your Podcast Today!

I'm not a podcast guru. I just try things and I'm fortunate enough to work with thousands of podcasters at Rebel Base Media who also try things. These are the things that we have found work.

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