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New Apple Podcast Launch Options

Apple Podcasts is getting more and more updates recently and as 2020 rolls around, I've no doubt the team at Apple are lining up more and more sweet features for us. So, what have they just done with this new podcast launch function?


Should You Build a Membership for Your Podcast?

Memberships are superb, they allow “passive” income – well, kinda. The truth is that so many podcasters aim for a membership income stream without realising two key things: they're a TON of work and you NEED an audience, and I mean a real audience!

Your Podcast's Brand Needs More of You

Podcasting is hyper-personal, perhaps the most personal of any content medium. And, as podcasting grows the power is in creating a tribe of people who love you and your personality – so why are you only being 60% “real”?

How to Properly Take a Podcast Hiatus

Look, I get it – podcasting can be pretty draining and as much as “batching” can help it's not always doable. Sometimes you do need to take a hiatus – and that's totally fine – but there is a right way to do it.

How to Make Sure Your Podcast Cover Art Doesn't Get Rejected!

As the creator of I'm fortunate enough to see all types of cover art, from the good to the bad to the sometimes rejected – and this is by far the biggest reason we see those rejections.

You Should Probably be Editing More…

Honestly, I don't edit my show too much but as a short-form podcast, that's kind of ok. But, editing your show as a longer-form podcaster has more benefits than just cutting out the “ums” and “ahs” – you should really be editing way more…

Has Podcasting Hit a Plateau?

Podcasting is everywhere these days. We're always hearing about this golden age of podcasting, but I have another take on it – as podcasting enters its teenage years, has it hit a plateau?

Podcast Movement Recap: The One Lesson We All Need to Learn as Podcasters

Wrapping up my Podcast Movement 2019 content for this year, I'm digging into the skill that I believe you need to focus on to become a better podcaster instantly. I've talked about it before, but now the big guys are here it's time to take some action.

Podcast Movement Sessions: Honing Your Podcasting Craft, Jordan Harbinger

Podcasting is easy. But being a great podcaster isn't and one of the most challenging parts of the medium is honing the craft content creations. Today, my friend Jordan Harbinger joins me from Podcast Movement to discuss the difference between good and great podcast content.

Podcast Movement Sessions: Podcasting Into the Future, James Cridland

I'm fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with James Cridland, editor of Podnews and advisor to There are few people who love the industry as James does and who are more insuisitive about podcasting than he. So, when James talks, it's worth listening.

Podcast Movement Sessions: Evo Terra, Staying Ahead as an Indie Podcaster

I meet a lot of people and most of them become friends, but few have struck me quite as much as Evo Terra, the OG podcast contrarian and the man who literally wrote the book on podcasting. So I asked Evo what we indie creators can do to stay ahead of all of the new tech and money flowing into our industry. It's a must-listen from one of our advisors.

9 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Podcast

Grow Your Podcast Today!

I'm not a podcast guru. I just try things and I'm fortunate enough to work with thousands of podcasters at Rebel Base Media who also try things. These are the things that we have found work.

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