7 Niche Law Careers To Consider

May 11, 2021

Law, as a career, can indeed be fascinating. Especially when you specialize in a particular area – and the more niche it is, the better. The term ‘lawyer’ has always been used as a blanket term for anyone in the profession; but there are numerous specializations within the field. Shed your limiting self-beliefs and take a look at seven niche law careers you can consider if law is your calling.

  1. Clinical Negligence Law

As the term states, this type of law deals with clinical and medical negligence. Owing to the nature of the matter, this type of law can be equally complex as it is heart-wrenching. Cases can include difficult medical conditions and patients suffering life-long consequences and injuries due to negligence. 

  1. Gaming Law

Yes you read that right. This one is as niche as it gets! While this type of law regulates the gaming and gambling industry, gaming law is not a traditional or official branch of law but rather a collection of several areas of law including regulatory law, criminal law, company law, contract law, competition law amongst others. Gaming law includes everything from the legality of gambling to the fairness of gaming terms and conditions.

  1. Truck Accident Lawyer

You can actually specialise in being a truck accident lawyer. Owing to the length and breadth of commercial trucks and trailers, they are more prone to road accidents than cars and can be more disastrous as well. 

Companies that own and operate commercial trucks and trailers have a special law governing them, which also includes seeking compensation for those who suffer injuries or death due to a trucking accident. 

  1. Media Law

Media Law can be very interesting, as it regulates the telecommunications industry, broadcasting, advertising, journalism, the entertainment industry, information technology and the Internet. It governs what can be published and broadcasted and also deals with issues such as defamation and censorship. 

  1. Sports Law

Sports law deals with the regulation of the sports industry and the compliance of teams, clubs and individual athletes with the rules applicable to them. Sports lawyers represent individual players, teams, clubs, sports agents, regulatory associations and even sponsorship companies. 

  1. Wills, Trust and Probate Law

If things such as wills and trusts and producing documents for the same interests you, then you will enjoy this branch of law. If a person does not leave a will, their estate is distributed according to statutory probate rules and laws – and this is where your expertise will be required. Private client lawyers advise on these kinds of matters, or matters associated with trusts, and are also involved in estate planning, the administration and distribution of the deceased’s estate to beneficiaries and any litigation relating to the estate.

  1. European Law

European law relates to rules and regulations affecting member states of the European Union. 

EU law relates to a wide range of different matters ranging from agriculture to competition law. The fundamental principles of European Law include free movement of people, goods and services within the EU. 

As the European Union grew in size, it was imperative to create a level playing field and harmonise the laws across the Union. It ensures that all the member states are treated, and treat others, equally.

Mark Asquith

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